Accept digital currency using Active Pay Crypto Solution

Platform Features

Implements a One-To-Many (merchant-platform -> affiliates)

Affiliate registration

Affiliate Store Management

Invoice creation and payment

Association of invoices with respective affiliate sellers

Overview and status tracking of invoices

The rising demand of cryptocurrencies creates an interesting opportunity Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments  

No Payment Fraud

With traditional payments, such as credit cards, customers and businesses often shoulder the risks and costs of payment fraud. With cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, customers pay without disclosing sensitive personal information and refunds are made directly through the merchant with no chargebacks.

Low Fees

Credit card companies typically charge 3% in processing fees. With Active Pay, we charge 1% for processing and 1% to 50% depending on merchant agreement. 


We created a truly borderless payment solution to allow marketplaces, vendors and affiliates to accept Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash from anywhere in the world, from any mobile device or computer.


Our developer-focused team is constantly improving the platform and the solution to help marketplaces and businesses. We are also working with the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to provide a better user experience.

Cryptocurrency Payment Solution

Active Pay Crypto Solutions has a proprietary payment processing technology that allows merchants to accept variety of cryptocurrencies

Target Markets



Gallera App

A crowdsourcing app for luxury, health & wellness that offers purchase management for our merchants. It offers a market place for services, a social media platform, a booking engine, and payment processing



Gallera is currently testing the proprietary crypto-payment technology with select merchants
Gallera App


Back-end dashboard enables merchants to send/receive payments from customers and settle payments in real time

Low payment processing fees: ~3% compared to 5-10% from Entro Pay and Neteller

Ability for customers to fund/withdraw directly to/from their crypto wallet, with no added fees


Active Pay Crypto Solutions

allows companies to accept payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash and receive funds directly into their crypto wallet or bank account.

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Built for Marketplaces and Platforms

Marketplaces and platforms use Active Pay Crypto Solutions to digital currency payments and pay out to it’s merchants and affiliates.

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